Monday, October 29, 2012

Susan Och for Leland Township Supervisor

If you came here looking for information on my run for Leland Township Supervisor, my "broadsheet", the one page description of my campaign, appears below. On the links to the right, you can find links to pieces I've written since 2004 about my life, my family, my community, and my thought process. I haven't blogged much since I was elected to the town board in 2008. I find that blogging requires a person to be out in front of public opinion, while serving effectively in local government means listening carefully to everyone, even those with whom you most disagree. But I am still the pragmatic, frugal, open minded, curious person I was as a blogger. I still keep a garden and chickens and enjoy my accomplished offspring. Here is my campaign broadsheet:
Leland Township needs a calm communicator to serve as our Supervisor. Susan Och’s experience, integrity, and vision make her the best choice on November 6th. 
Experience: Susan has been an active member of the Township Board, schooling herself on all township operations along the way. She regularly visits the harbor, walks the sewer plant, monitors township parks, and sits in on board and commission meetings. She has taken advantage of many Michigan Township Association Trainings and Council of Governments workshops, observed Board of Review proceedings and closely followed the drafting of our new zoning ordinance. She has spearheaded the successful eradication of the giant Phragmites beach grass, helped win the grant that will ensure preservation of Leland’s Clay Cliffs, and completed the groundwork for a money and energy saving streetlight overhaul. She has served as board rep to the Library Board and Fire Board and monitored our harbor renovation and construction of public restrooms in Leland. Susan understands that township operations are important to every resident. Each resident should be treated with respect by an experienced supervisor. 
Integrity: In local government, integrity is measured by a commitment to the laws and principles of open government. We have a right know how decisions that affect our township are made and have the right to see those decisions fully debated in open public meetings by board members, who have informed themselves about the issues. When we spend tax dollars on personnel, the people should know that we have hired the best qualified candidates. As supervisor, 
Susan Och will work to maintain a culture of ethics and enforce the laws and regulations of government transparency. She will encourage the free expression of opinion by all board members and strengthen communications between the board and the community. All boards and commission meetings will be properly posted, boards will take action only on properly adopted agenda items, and all minutes will be posted online. She will strive to create an atmosphere where all township residents feel included. 
Vision: Our township and our region are often held up as examples in leading the way towards a revitalized Michigan economy. We have excelled in stewardship of our beautiful landscape and authentically interesting villages. We have supported our local food producers, grown our wine industry, protected our village commercial centers, and attracted internet entrepreneurs who could live anywhere, but choose to relocate here. 
Other communities may want to follow our example, but we know that this is not enough. Too many of us are unemployed or underemployed. Our community could be much better insulated from the whiplash of energy prices. While tourism dollars are valuable, we worry about the strain to both our infrastructure and to our community ties. Our infrastructure itself needs constant and sometimes costly upkeep and updating. In Leland Township, we have a history of meeting these sorts of challenges on our own terms with solutions that fit. Susan Och understands this, and is committed to fostering dialogue, good government, and stewardship of our township resources. Susan Och will provide the leadership that best serves Leland Township. 
Vote for Susan Och for Leland Township Supervisor on November 6th.