Friday, January 06, 2006

Family Lore.

I have a big family. Or at least a family chock full of personalities. Here is a list of family members, there relation ship to me, and posts in which they appear:

My kids three daughters, pictures Christmas 2004 and Christmas 2005. Stories of them abound, like this one in which I make them change a tire.

I started blogging when Shelagh was still applying to colleges. Here she come back from a trip to Michigan State to sit for the Alumni Scholarship exam. Later I chronicled her graduation here and here. Her valedictorian speech is here.

Liz has her say on sibling rivalry here.

Anna doesn't write much, but she likes to put the camera on a tripod and stage adventures to comment about. Or she sees me post a picture and demands to post the commentary herself.
Grandma Bunny, my Dad's mom. Bunny appears here and here. Grandpa Lee, my dad's father, appears here and here.

Grandma Mimi, my maternal grandmother is profiled here.

Grandpa Gord, my mom's dad, is here.

Cousins last summer.

A film roll found in a drawer from 1997.

Another roll from 1989.

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