Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Chicken Pages

I write about my home flock, and poultry in general, from time to time:

Bread and Chickens was one of my first entries, explaining the economy of keeping a small flock for eggs and supplementing their diet with table scraps.

Artificial Intelligence and Chickens was a comment about my own adventure in inserting Google Adsense ads into my blog. The ads that were generated led me on an exploration of poultry related sites.

About My Flock is, well, about my flock.

Real Intelligence in Chickens reports on a major reassessment in the science of birds' brains.

The Chicken Farmer Reviews HONK! Can you believe it? The school musical featured my teenagers impersonating poultry!

New Chicken Questions is a spring piece, answering the questions that crop up once the chicks that were hatched at school go home to someone's house. I also wonder of it is possible to influence a flocks behavior with better nutrition.

Harry Houdini, Girlie Rooster. He sure is a pretty boy.

Avian Flu and the Home Flock is my attempt to make sense of conflicting news and science reports as of November 2005. I tried again in Avian Flu Hits Europe and Avian Flu and Intellectual Property. I'll keep trying.

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