Friday, December 29, 2006

Microchips in People

Photo from RFID Hand .
After reporting on people who objected to being required to implant microchips in their farm animals, it's only fair that I also report on people who choose to implant microchips into themselves.

I work in a casino, and many times work is a Human Zoo. I can't say as I'm surprised that people would implant microchips into their bodies. It is at least arguably more useful that some of the extreme facial piercing that I see. You can rig up your door so that you don't need a key, for instance. And I've seen reports of nightclubs where you get scanned instead of paying cash for drinks. (In these parts the bartender still lets you run a tab.)

Curious? Here is a list of FAQs about personal RFID tags. And the related forum, where people trade info and advice about their implants.

Thanks to Jameskpolka who alerted me to this phenomenom.

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