Friday, March 02, 2007

Champion Tree Update

Kate posted this on yesterday's Leland Report:
Quick update on the Champion Cottonwood. We delivered a check to the Road Commission yesterday to pay for the pruning and cabling work to be done. So thanks to the many supporters, the first major hurdle is over! Bartlett's will be up here sometime in the next few weeks to do the work (before the tree begins to bud). We are still raising money though - it is not over! We have to pay the Road Commission for their time closing River Street and cleaning up all the branches. Plus, we need to get a plaque for our tree and pay for the yearly inspections and maintenance. So,despite what the Enterprise may have stated - we are not at our fundraising goal. But, we made our first hurdle, in time - and thank you so much to all those who have donated their time and money!

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