Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Math Problem, Extra Credit

Shelagh sends the following:

Can you find the ages of the three children from the following conversation?

Allie says to Jill, "Can you guess the ages of my three children? The product of their ages is 36."

Jill says "That's not enough information, give me another hint."

Allie says, "The sum of the three ages is the same as my apartment number"

Jill says, "I know your apartment number, but that's still not enough information! Give me another hint."

Allie says, "My oldest child is a girl."

Jill says, "Now I can figure it out."

What are the three ages?

Liz wrote me after seeing yesterday's Leland Report, saying "He's right, the lake level has really dropped...." 1986 was approaching a high water mark, the way I remember it.

Liz is taking the Megabus to Ann Arbor, and then all three, Shelagh, Jordan, and Liz, are driving home for Thanksgiving.

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