Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Who Is That Woman?

This is a photo that Jerry Hawes brought over last summer, part of a large box of Hawes/Ivey family photos that he inherited recently. Jerry, my mom, and I spent the afternoon working on old pictures and family trees, trying to put the pieces together. This was a tantalizing picture; we figured out the identities of three of the ladies quite easily, but the one on the left is a stranger to us. She might actually be a stranger -- something about her reminds me of a neighbor lady who butts into the picture at the last minute as the shutter clicks. Or this might be the only image of someone that we've only ever known as a name on paper.

Jerry's links back to this group go like this:

Son of: Clarence Charles Hawes and Ruth Mary Riopelle Hawes – Ishpeming and Marquette
Grand son of: Herbert Stanley Hawes and Avis Willey Hawes – Cornwall/Ishpeming/Marquette
Great Grand Son of: William Francis Hawes and Sara Drew Peters Hawes – Cornwall/Ishpeming

SO the lady second from the left is his great grandmother and my great great grandmother, Sarah Drew Peters Hawes. We have a few other photos of her, like this one with her husband, William Frances Hawes.

Below is a picture of my great grandmother, Sarah Louisa Hawes, daughter of Sarah and William Frances.

The lady third from the left in the top photo is also Sarah Louisa Hawes, but younger. My mom recognized the lady on the far right from the characteristic tilt of her head. She is Margaret Ann Hawes Ivey, or "Aunt Maggie" as my mom knew her.

But what of the lady on the left? We speculated that it might be Emma Jane Peters Matthews, the younger sister of Sarah Drew Peters Hawes, who married and moved out west with her husband. Could she have come back to visit on the occasion of this photo? But that was only speculation, and I've done enough jigsaw puzzles to know that you're never sure until you have placed the last piece:

My great great grandmother, behind the mystery lady.

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