Monday, July 14, 2008

The Broadleaf Weeds

This is weed pulling season. Weed pulling season is soooo repetitive, as most of the weeds are of the same handful of species. I thought I'd try out the new camera on a few of the most populous weeds and identify the unknowns at MSU's interactive weed identifier.

This is lambs quarters. Chickens love it, and people can eat it too, if need be. It is always plentiful in July. I always tell myself that this is what I'll be eating when I'm too feeble to plant a garden.

Everybody knows ragweed, at least by reputation. This is the one that will be flowering in a few weeks and spreading so much of that yellow pollen. I don't think the chickens care for it much, but they will tample it down and kill it for me.

Few know purslane, even though it is quite edible and a good source of omega-3. I munch on this as I weed, trying to like the taste because it's reputed to be good for me. The chickens like it better than I do. Maybe I'll give Anna the job of determining which weeds are most preferred by the hens.

I didn't know the name of this one until I looked it up today. It is common mallow, and it has a small but nice flower. It starts out small but can really take over if you admire its white flowers too long.
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