Thursday, June 16, 2005

Shelagh's Official Graduation Picture

Shelagh's "official" graduation picture.

Well, almost. Her "official" picture is in color, but she had that one printed directly from negatives and only the black and white version is in electronic form.

Liz took the picture for her using my old 35mm SLR. When you want really great pictures, that's still the one to use. One of these days I'd like to get one of the new single lens reflex digitals, preferably with a screen big enough to see without my glasses, so I can know whether or not my husband was sticking his tongue out on the last shot.

The digital is great for everyday use. Elementary school age girls seem driven to take photos of pets and dolls. When Shelagh and Liz were little I spent good money to get many rolls of film developed that turned out to be just pictures of cats and dolls. Anna has taken scads of those pictures (different cats, same dolls) at no cost to me. She uses Grampa Gord's old tripod and sets up the timer so she can be in the picture too. The picture in the sidebar of this blog is another of her favorite techniques: just hold it up in front of your face and snap a picture. I have begun to teach Anna how to use the old camera; it is still the best way to understand how photography works.

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