Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Is it Hacking If You Do It To Yourself?

Anna commandeered my picture of the beat-up cat, which was going to illustrate a commentary on poker and Intelligent Design. Oh, well, my writing energies have been spent on leelanau.com arguing the school funding thread.

With my new monitor the photos look better but the blog template looks washed out. I opened the template last night and started messing with the color settings using the minimal information from HMTL Made Really Easy. I'm not sure I'm pleased with the results, but it was fun to play.

I want to create a better index to topics and repost some pictures now that I have a monitor that doesn't make them all too dark to see. But that will be later. Today Kathleen is taking Anna and me to Otter Creek to show us where the wild blueberries grow. Shelagh leaves for UM tonight and she wants no help or advice from me while she packs. She is taking everything under the sun, about 5 times as much stuff as she needs, but nobody asked me......

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