Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fish and Weather Report

This has been an odd winter. In December it seemed the snow would never stop. In January, it seemed the lakes would never freeze up right. North Lake Leelanau's ice seemed to "make up to break up" on a daily basis. Richard kept at it, going out on the South Lake when he could find ice.
Just after Groundhog Day he nabbed this monster perch. He photographed it next to a full size oven mitt.

Anna took this picture of him holding it. It looks like he's really tired from all that fishing. That's my rosemary tree on the counter behind him.

The last three nights it has been really cold, around zero Fahrenheit at night. The ice is finally thick enough to trust, but the wind has been blowing around 25 everyday. Shelagh is coming home for "spring break" at the end of the week. Maybe she'll get to go ice fishing this time.

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