Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The New Look

I've been hankering for a change for a while and tonight I took the plunge.

Yes, that's my house up there. My real house is not on a hill, and it has mismatched windows and the siding is half old, half new. Funny how you can manipulate images.

This is a variation on the Blogger K1 template. The rainbow background is from a photo of the sky the evening of Jim Concannon's funeral. Jim was a painter. His wife, Penny, tells me of the rainbow that evening:

People who saw it thought of it as one more great paint job from Jim and his Uncle Don, already there, who taught him the beauty of a great painted house....

I had to degrade the image somewhat to make a file that will, hopefully, load quick enough to keep the site readable.

So let me know what you think. Too busy? Does it read in your browser, on your monitor? I will keep an eye on the traffic, see if it is attractive to readers, or if they glance and click on.

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Susan said...

Still trying to fix these comments.