Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Leland Report

A group of people partying on an iceberg in the Leland River

I've been wanting to highlight The Leland Report for a while, and today seems like the day. Keith Burnham has published an online report every day, rain sleet or whatever, since 2001. He receives daily accolades for his photography, but I admire his ability to stick with it, day in and day out.

I can't recognize any of the above folks, but I no doubt know a few of them. Perhaps they came to the Pancake Breakfast at school this morning, to raise funds for the annual Physics Class field trip to Fermi Lab and Six Flags amusement park. This years Physics class (Liz's class) cooked and served our breakfast, while video highlights of last year's trip (Shelagh's class) played on the wall of the cafeteria. Anna made herself useful minding a group of younger kids, already thinking of how she might land babysitting jobs in a few years.

It was the second fundraising meal this week. On Tuesday we had a spaghetti dinner to benefit a school family whose father has terminal cancer. I went into mega-baking mode that day and turned out 18 loaves of bread in time to sell them at the door. Baking bread is a great fundraiser, as the product is what people actually want and the ingredients are so inexpensive.

My folks' condo is a couple hundred yards down the river, if the iceberg held up that long. If not, the river is only a few feet deep. The ones with waders will have to carry the ones without, I guess.....

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