Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Seussical, The Musical

This year Leland Public School is combining forces with St Mary's School to present Seussical, The Musical.

The first parent's meeting was last night. The casting is done and the kids have been rehearsing. there is only one commercial CD of the music, but the kids have been listening to it night and day.

Peformances are planned for two weekends, May 12 and May 19, at the Performing Arts Center at Leland Public School.

I've found some links that will help us old folks get up to speed. First a synopsis of the show. This article from Playbill gives some insight as to why Seussical is so popular. There is also a photo of characters in costume, but I offer this only as a suggestion. Our cast is creative and our budget is small, so I expect our costuming to look less commercial and more interesting.

Maybe like these photos from the production at Western High School in Parma, MI. Or this extensive slide show of costumes from a production near Vancouver, BC. Or Santa Monica College's production. Here's another high school production. Those folks must love to sew!

This page takes a long time to load, but it showcases the work of a middle school art class that created the props for their school's production. I was clueless when Jeremy talked about needing props for this show. Now I'm starting to get it.

You can learn more about the composer and lyricist of this show by checking out the Ahrens and Flaherty website. The photo at the top of this article is from the photo section of that website.

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