Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dan Scripps Blogs

If you've been reading me for a while, you know how frustrated I get with our Michigan state legislature.

Sometimes it's not so much how ineffective they are at creating legislation, but it's their inability to use technology effectively. I don't know why I can't compose an email and send it to my state rep, but must fill out a clumsy online form. The forms don't support live links and they often don't support spell check or let you cut-and-paste from another document. Sure, they get spam, sometimes a lot of it, but so does everyone else, so why can't they get a spam filter and deal with it?

I am hopeful when I read the blog from Dan Scripps, the Democratic challenger for State House in our 101st district. He is smart, issue oriented, technology savvy, and a writer. He is writing about water politics, Michigan's tax structure, and the post-manufacturing economy.

Dan will be at the Candidate's Forum at Suttons Bay School, Monday October 2nd, 6:30-8 pm, in the Kindergarten wing. He also emailed me about his plans to communicate with constituents:
I will definitely read (and respond) to your e-mails as your State Rep. I am making a real effort to be as open and accessible as I can be - going door-to-door, publishing my e-mail address on every piece of literature, having a toll free telephone number (877/ 326-7274), and setting up my website as a blog, to allow for two-way communication and fostering a conversation on the issues -and will continue to do all these things and more as your representative.
What a breath of fresh air!

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