Saturday, September 23, 2006

Maybe I'm a Pirate

Last Tuesday was National Talk Like a Pirate Day. I made sure to let the dice crew know about it last night, except that I changed it to Talk Like a Pirate Week.

Rob was ecstatic. "You mean we can talk like pirates all week?"

They don't call iit a dice crew for nuthin. They immediately started calling Harghhhd sixes and pieces of eight. And telling the old joke that ends "First day with me hook."

Anyway, I was inspired to check out the Talk Like a Pirate website, where I found a link to Mad Sally's account of her appearance on the TV show Wife Swap. This is the show where they take two very different families and switch the moms for a week. Although the title makes it sound like there's sex involved, there isn't. It's all about how moms set the values and goals of a household and what happens when you substitute another set of goals and values.

I would love to quote Mad Sally right here, but her piece is copyrighted. So read it here. I'm with Sally: to hell with housework, let's live life.

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