Monday, February 19, 2007

Misfit Toys ad

Rob at Misfit Toys has sent me an animated ad for my sidebar. I'm now attempting to upload the gif file using Blogger.

It seems to have worked, but I'll still have to make it into a link with a target. I'm going to have to get out a textbook and look up how to do this, since it's not a task I tackle everyday. For someone who wants to encourage others to advertise on their sites, The Hunger Site is a good model. The provide a variety of ads, animated or not, and they provide HTML so all the site owner needs to do is copy and paste.

The Misfit Toys ad is homemade. The bored kid is Rob's son Tyler, not acting, but actually being bored. My kids might have been bored from time to time, but they learned not to complain about it. If they did, I gave them chores. They learned to amuse themselves.

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