Monday, February 12, 2007


I have lately seen a lot of traffic from people looking for costume and set building ideas for Seussical and Honk! I noticed a similar trend last year at this time, as people everywhere started planning their spring musicals.

This year Leland is staging Schoolhouse Rock Live. Once again I find myself scouring the internet for information on a show that has existed beneath my personal radar. I liked the Repertory Actor's Theater's description of the show:
The show is a little campy, a wee bit corny, kinda patriotic, but definitely A LOT of fun! For many, myself included, Schoolhouse Rock Live! is a charming sojourn back to bygone innocent Saturday morning memories, a brief eighty minute escape from current world worries and woes. My hope is that it entertained and uplifted the spirits of all who had the chance to see it. As we struggle through these uncertain times, one thing is for sure,..."Knowledge is Power!"
Anna auditioned for the show, but she is still waiting to see if she got a part. It is a high school production, but in a school our size everyone needs to pitch in. I wonder if this show will somehow end up with someone playing the part of a bird?

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