Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Garden Is In

Tonight I officially finished planting the garden. Except for another bed of lettuce. Except for yellow beans which will go into the bed vacated when I harvest the garlic. Except for the rest of the white zinnias that I started for the wedding; I'd better figure out where they're going because the wedding's coming up soon.

I actually have three main garden areas. I'm particularly proud of the plot pictured above, as it used to be part of the old M-204 roadbed. We used it to stockpile horse manure and leaves until it started to have soil instead of gravel.

Anyone can pave over farmland to make a road, but I made a road back into farmland! I have raised corn, squash, and potatoes there. This year half of it is in tomatoes, but I'm still wondering what to put in the rest. It is outside the fence, so deer are an issue. Do deer eat zinnias? It was a ten day dry spell, but it started raining as I put the tomatoes in and we've had a gentle drizzle all night. It's so nice when Nature plays along.
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