Monday, May 28, 2007

Baby Huey

I'm not sure about those Cornish Cross meat birds. They have grown, and grown fast, until they look like monsters next to the other chickens.

They seem to have no "off" switch to their appetite. We take the food away at night and in the morning they are up and running around with lots of energy. By 10 AM they have gorged themselves and can barely move. Their breasts are huge. Anna calls them "chickens with boobs". Their feathers are thin (the better to pluck) and the pink skin shines through.

They make me think of Baby Huey, the cartoon duckling that was so huge and so clumsy. All of the chicks are outgrowing their enclosure, although I want them to get another week's worth of feathers before I move them outdoors. We are plotting to make a chicken tractor out of the aluminum frame from a building awning that Richard picked up from a free pile a couple of years ago. Pictures to follow.
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