Monday, October 22, 2007

Asian lady Beetles

Yesterday was the day the the Asian Lady Beetles started looking for homes for the winter. I first noticed them when I was cleaning the stray mint out of the herb garden. When I looked up, they were crawling over the whole west side of the house. By the time I came in, the hall ceiling looked like this.

I turned off all the lights upstairs except Liz's, as no one was sleeping there last night. They congregated near the light. Luckily, we have very low ceilings upstairs so it was easy to reach them with the vacuum. Luckily, I have very low cleaning standards, so it was easy to find a few cobwebs to suck up on top of the lady beetles so they couldn't manage to crawl out again. Problem solved, but I pity the folks with cathedral ceilings.
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