Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mom's Snow Day

I started out for work at 11:15 this morning. Although it had been freezing rain, the salt truck were out and traffic was moving. There was no "state of emergency" banner at the bottom of the TV screen, so I left the house. I had to get gas, and found that I couldn't make it back up the incline onto 204 from the BP station; I had to go out the back entrance and come around on the highway. By the time I got to M-204 store, I realized that I could probably make it over the hill into Suttons Bay, but making it home again tonight was questionable. I pulled over and called work to tell them I was turning around and heading home. They had been trying to call me to tell me not to come in.

Above is the current weather map as of 3 pm. That is a big paw of snow looming over us, but I'm preparing for a power outage as well. The barometer is down to 28.6 and the outdoor temperature is inching up to 36. We have the indoor heat up to 68, getting a head start, since we will have no furnace if the power goes out. We are baking pies and filling water containers and locating the matches and candles. If we lose power we will shut off all of the rooms except the kitchen and living room and get a little heat from the gas stove.

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