Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse photo from www.eclipse-chasers.com

The predicted storm pretty much passed us by, although it dumped a foot of snow on Ludington, about 100 miles south. Tonight the wind is expected to shift to the north, which may set us up for the lake effect snows.

But tomorrow night the skies are supposed to clear. I hope it happens in time for us to see the lunar eclipse, which will peak at 10:26 pm Eastern Standard Time. You can read more about the event at the NASA website. There is a wealth of scientific information, and some descriptions that approach poetry:
Although total eclipses of the Moon are of limited scientific value, they are remarkably beautiful events which do not require expensive equipment. They help to cultivate interest in science and astronomy in children and to provide a unique learning opportunity for families, students and teachers. To the nature lover and naturalist, the lunar eclipse can be appreciated and celebrated as an event which vividly illustrates our place among the planets in the solar system. The three dimensional reality of our universe comes alive in a graceful celestial ballet as the Moon swings through the Earth's shadow. Hope for clear skies, dress warmly and enjoy the show!

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