Sunday, March 23, 2008

Come On Spring!

When I switched to my winter blog background, the one that derives from bare tree branches, I was calmed by the stark simplicity and soothed by the prospect of resting my eyes with winter landscapes. Now I could stand bare branches no longer and so I did a quick renovation while waiting for my Easter ham to bake.

Two days into spring and two weeks into daylight savings time, my yard looks like a demonstration project in glacier formation. The temperature peaked today about 11:30 at 37 degrees, and then it dropped to 32 in about ten minutes. Right now it's approaching dusk with almost clear skies and 22 degrees. I walked right across the foot of snow that has thawed and refrozen so many times that its consistency approaches solid ice. The inland lakes are thick with ice. Richard is still ice fishing on Lake Leelanau; a few days ago he saw a driver take a real shortcut by driving onto the ice just south of Honke Road and crossing over to the landing on the east side at Bingham Road.

I had to dig in my files to find a picture of another year's crocuses. I just needed to see some spring, even if it was a few years old. When the weather warms even a little the flowers are going to pop right up. I am anxious to see the glacier in front of my garden gate melt away so I can start another season.

While looking for some links about local llamas, I found this interesting blog written by a young Swiss family who has been biking through North and South America. Lots of pictures and accounts of toilet training on the road. At the point that I found them, they were transversing a Bolivian salt flat and being accosted by a roaming llama.....

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