Tuesday, March 04, 2008

First Plantings

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This is an alpine strawberry seedling, one of the first things I planted for the 2008 garden. These tiny seedlings will grow into small strawberry plants that bear fruit, small intensely flavored strawberries that kids love to find and eat.

I started these a few weeks ago in paper towels, but I had to have Anna tell me if the roots had emerged because the seeds are so small. I planted them onto trays with vermiculite over soil, but they were so hard to see that I wasn't sure if I was planting them or smooshing them. A few days ago I saw tiny green leaves so I knew they were growing.

Tonight I planted peppers, tomatoes, and basil, It seems early, but I never seem to get ahead of myself, especially with peppers. Come May 10th, we may be tripping over plants everywhere, but I'll worry about it then.

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