Sunday, August 03, 2008

From the Garden to the Table

Blog posting even once in August is better than some years. August is the month when harvest hits and summer seems short and life is better spent in the garden or the berry patch or the lake than in front of the computer. I'm not too fond of hot days in the kitchen, either, but there is canning to be done and jams to make. One of the best things about having a garden is having food that is so good out of hand that cooking seems beside the point.

I brought in the first of the cucumbers, and Anna was begging for one like it was candy. She grabbed a salt shaker and started biting into a nice one, crunching along until it was gone and then begging for another. Richard confessed to waking long before me and helping himself to one of the first red tomatoes. He apologized, but said "It was so good, I just couldn't resist....."

Still, I've posted recipes for Basil Pesto, Cucumber Salad, and Fresh Salsa over at my other blog, Home Baked Bread. We are trying to find time to go blueberry picking down in Benzie county. I'm looking forward to freezing some berries and making some nice pies.

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