Monday, August 04, 2008

Vote Tomorrow, But Not For Me.....

Tomorrow is the August Primary here in Michigan. I will be on the ballot, running for Leland Township Trustee as a Democrat, but I'm hoping that nobody votes for me tomorrow.

In this primary, you are not allowed to split your votes between the parties. If you were to vote for me, on the Democratic side of the ballot, you would not be able to vote for either of the sheriff candidates, for either of the Leland Township Supervisor candidates, or for any of the County Treasurer candidates, since the only people running in those races are Republicans. I don't need votes, since I'm unopposed in the primary, as is Dan Scripps, the Democratic candidate for State Representative. You should still get out and vote, as tomorrow's primary election will decide the sheriff, county treasurer and township supervisor races.

I spent a lot of time explaining the "Don't Vote For Me!" strategy to the out-of-state family members. It is odd to have important races like Sheriff decided at the primary level instead of in an all out battle between the two parties. In Leelanau County it had long been gospel that you had to run as a Republican in order to win in November. Dan Scripps came real close to disproving this two years ago, and this year there are Democrats across the county ready to challenge the winners of this primary.

But not for sheriff, township supervisor, or county treasurer. As busy as county residents are in August, those races will be decided tomorrow whether we are paying attention or not.

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