Tuesday, January 11, 2005


The ads on this blog are mainly here for my own amusement and so I can figure out how the ad process works. Today one of the bread pages had an ad for Urban Homemaker, a Paonia, California company that sells electric grain mills for grinding your own flour. (Grain keeps better than flour, so you would have tastier bread if you just kept wheat berries around and ground your own flour every time you baked.) They also sell water storage containers under their "disaster preparedness" button. Our friend Doug, who works for FEMA, called last night to say he was being deployed and to ask if my husband would keep his driveway plowed until he returned from California. I wonder if the Urban Homemakers had to employ their own wares?

I realize that I have a few cliffhangers going on here. Global warming is challenging us with more that our share of freezing rain in the past few days so it is taking extra time to get the usual chores done. Tomorrow, I promise, I will walk you through the end of the bread baking process and also try to figure out why Bunny did not want to teach me herself how to bake bread.

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