Friday, January 21, 2005

The next morning

When I went to bed the moon was shining in the window, laying a big pool of moonlight across the bed. Richard got up not much later, about 5 am, to go fishing. The thermometer read 4 below zero when he left the house.

He has been fishing Lake Leelanau lately as gas is too high to go far from home. The moon was still up as he walked out the lake glowed. He drilled his first hole and set up his tipup and then walked a ways to set up the next hole. He was just scooping the slush out of the second hole when he glanced over and saw that he had a flag on the first.

It was a fat walleye, the only fish of the day as it turned out. Still he was happy to get action so quick, perhaps proud to be the proverbial early bird. He came home about 11am, still happy about that fish.

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