Sunday, January 30, 2005

Three fish at daybreak

This winter has been Richard's slowest since we moved to Michigan 15 years ago. He has had only small one day jobs, and only a few of those. There are still some houses being built and kitchens ordered, but the builders are unwilling to lay anyone off so they are having their own guys doing the installations.

He expects to get busy again in the spring, but for now he's fishing. Out on the ice, twice a day, at sunup and sundown. I estimate that he comes home empty handed a little more than half the time, but walleye are big fish so his catch "pays for my bait", as he puts it.

Mornings are more successful than evenings, but evening excursions are useful as scouting trips. Today he got three, all from the same hole, one after another before 7:15.

Today he will take Anna to High Lake, near Traverse City. They are driving so far because he expects to get a lot of "action" there: maybe not keeper size fish, but enough bites and catches to keep a kid interested. After weeks of single digit temperatures, we are enjoying a heat wave of near 30 degree weather. I'm sure they'll have fun.

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