Friday, February 18, 2005

Riverbend Blog

Lately I have been reading Baghdad Burning, a blog written by a young woman in Iraq. It is so different to read news written by the "girl on the street".

The author is anonymous by neccessity. She is a good writer and seems to be authentic. Today she was writing about how she can tell what is going on on the various routes in and out of Baghdad by seeing what is available at the corner produce cart.

She describes living under siege with the sort of wondering and practical activities that we usually only experience for a short time during snowstorms. Her stance is that of a modern woman who is terrified of seeing her nation commandeered by religious fundamentalists. I empathize with her.

Check her out and tell me what you think. On the internet you can pretend to be anyone at all, but I think this is the real deal. (Her sidebar "Something's Burning" includes recipes. They also look authentic to me.)

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