Sunday, February 20, 2005

Saturday Night

Yesterday was an 11 plus hour shift. We are in the midst of a four day poker tournament, we had the Grassroots in the showroom, we had Luther Gravy and the Soul Biscuits in the new lounge. But above all, we are coming into Cabin Fever season, the time when everyone is sick of staying home and even the folks who can't mention the the casino without looking like they're smelling a fart are sighted there, actually having a good time.

Anyway it was busy. Way busy. Lots of people, lots of money. I was dealing roulette on a jam up game, trying to keep track of eighty things at once. My favorite moment was when the pit boss came up behind me and said "What are those people all looking at? Oh, that lady's in handcuffs!" I never got to see what she was looking at, too much going on on my game.

You could pretty much tell how old people were by whether they knew who the Grassroots were. People who went to the show said it was excellent. I played chess on my break, a speed game, whupping one of the valet guys soundly even though we are usually neck and neck. I was just all on. I love the job on busy nights.

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