Monday, April 25, 2005

On to OM Worlds

The OM team victorious at State Competition

The world is conspiring to drag me, kicking and screaming, into the realm of OM.

We had been planning that Richard would go with Anna to Boulder and I would stay home and work. As it turns out, someone else cancelled leaving an extra ticket and the itinerary only includes two of my work days so there is no reason to stay home. Except for the two teenagers, who are delighted to be left home alone. There are advantages to the old farm house on the busy corner in a nosy community; I don't worry about kids running amuck while I'm gone because they know everyone in town is watching.

I haven't been to Boulder since my brother Chris was in college there. I'm going to have to start hiking the hill behind the casino on my breaks so I don't get weak-kneed in Colorado.

Ever since the first OM competition I've been trying to get to the root of the state's school funding troubles and come up with some concrete actions that parents can take to help solve things. My search has has been confusing and pretty much fruitless. Lansing Has No Quick Fix for Schools tells the story as well as anyone. Big news is the lawsuit filed this week aginst the No Child Left Behind act , here is the editorial in the Detroit Free Press. On Thursday I will be attending a meeting about Proposal A and what should be done to make it work. Check back on Friday for the story.

One of the things I can do with the free sitemeter (that rainbow thingy in the corner of this site) is check and see how people found this site. In checking out blogs that link to this one I found found one called Yarn!, about knitting. Well, about knitting and other things; check out the entry called I Promised Timothy Leary, it was the funniest thing I read today. But that was before I saw the photo of the Raw Viking Chicken Hat.

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Auntie Shelagh said...

Thank you so much for the links in the knitting blog. Blogs can be long, and it's nice to have the highlights selected for you. Except yours, of course! It's so wonderful I'm thinking of blogging myself!

Kudos to Anna, who certainly has worked hard and without much cheerleading in the mom department. You be nice and indulge her in Boulder. As the Bard said, "Why must every generation think their folks are square... And no matter where their head's at, they know Mom's ain't there?"