Monday, April 18, 2005

Trying to see the Forest and the Trees

There is a chance of rain tomorrow so I am planting as much as I can today. It has been an extremely dry spring, the first time I have ever had to water the rhubarb.

Life churns on. Anna's OM team went to state competition over the weekend and won second place, which means that they are now qualified to go to World Competition in Boulder, Colorado in May. Their "structure" held 520 pounds and they scored well on their "spontaneous" problem solving exercise. Now a new spontaneous problem solving exercise: how to fund a 5 day trip to Colorado for six kids plus their coaches. Six third graders and their coaches. I have always strived to keep my kids' activities to a size that they could own the activity themselves. This thing has grown way beyond my idea of age-appropriate activity.

I first mentioned school funding in this blog in I still don't get OM, where I wondered why parents were so eager to hang around an OM competition but weren't paying attention to adult responsibilities like demanding that our schools get adequate funding. Now the OM team is planning to ask the school board for financial help, but I fear the well is dry.

On another note, please check out

Baghdad Burning, a girlblog from Iraq. She posts at odd intervals (perhaps due to power outages) but she had posted several times in the last two weeks. You can find out what was going on in the rest of the world while the TV "news" covered the royal wedding.

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