Friday, April 29, 2005

Restore Proposal A

As promised, here is the scoop on the meeting on Michigan school funding that I attended last night in Traverse City.

This was a comprehensive, well-researched presentation. The situation for all Michigan public schools is dire. Although some schools are worse off that others right now, all Michigan public schools will be in danger in 2-3 years. The funding crisis cannot be cured by containing costs, changing insurance plans, or waiting for better economic times. Although Proposal A was supposed to partially shift school funding from property taxes to sales tax revenues, a slow economy, internet sales and --most important-- various changes to the tax code enacted by the state legislature have slowed the stream of sales tax money.

Restore Proposal A's "white paper" puts it like this:
In the beginning, Proposal A helped most Michigan school districts. Then legislators began to manipulate the law. In fact, since Proposal A passed, the Legislature has made over 70 changes in it. And, most of the changes to Proposal A have negatively impacted school funding. In addition, given that the State of Michigan relies primarily on sales tax for school funding, Michigan’s dismal economic condition makes it difficult for the State to fund Proposal A as taxpayers intended.

Quite simply, legislative tweaking and a weak economy have made Proposal A unworkable.

More info is on the website at I am writing to my state senator, this week to let her know that public schools are important to me and my community and that we expect her to be actively working for a solution.

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Flotsam said...

Thanks, Susan, for your untiring efforts to educate the public on this issue, both here and over at the forum. Keep up the good work!