Monday, May 23, 2005

The Big Day at OM Worlds

Performing at Worlds

The kids performed their structure problem today. They did well, performing their play while the structure held 605 lbs.

It was a bit of a nailbiter, as their glue had burst in flight on the way here and the first batch of replacement glue failed to set up properly. Another kind of glue was procured and the structure was ready for weigh-in this morning, although they took a 10 point penalty for too much glue.

Richard and I watched the five teams before them perform. One team from Shanghai held 667 lbs and one after ours, also from Michigan, held over 800. In my opinion, our team outshone the others I saw for enthusiam and integrating their presentation with the structure testing.

They have a second task tomorrow, a "spontaneous" problem solving exercise where the team is given a task to perform and have to figure out what to do with no coaches present. Listening is the key, at least for this age.

After today's work, the team went limp in the heat. We had a brief thunderstorm but it is still in the 80's.

Yesterday we drove up into the mountains and took a tram ride up a mountain at Estes Park. The kids had fun feeding the ground squirrels out of their hands. Other teams are driving way up into the mountains to play in snow, but we've had it with that stuff.

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