Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Day at the Hospital

Richard had surgery on his shoulder yesterday to fix an "impingement", a place where a bone spur had formed on his shoulder socket and was making it impossible for him to raise his right arm. The surgery went well, according to the surgeon, but they did a nerve block on his arm and it took until this morning before he could actually feel or move his right hand and arm. It is one thing to be told everything will be fine, it is another thing to wait to see if this big heavy thing that used to be your arm will actually come back to life. He is in pain today, but he says that he was in more pain with the impingement before the surgery.

There have been some interesting school funding stories in the news. An AP article dated Sunday, May 8,

School health, retirement costs concern lawmakers details the role that insurance ans retirement costs play in Michigan's school funding crisis. It looks like the schools are getting much more money than before Proposal A, but Proposal A shifted high-ticket items like reirement and insurance onto the shoulders of the local school districts.

A May 7th Detroit News story, Collaboration may be small schools' key to survival, detailed how Leelanau County's school districts are pooling resources to cut costs.

And, what the heck, how about some chicken news? Chicken Ticketed for Crossing the Road ! Why can't we all just get along?

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