Thursday, May 19, 2005

Wild Goose Chase

We're Off!
On a wild goose chase!
You may think it odd
That a squad
Such as ours
Can Perform
This role!

We leave in the morning for Odyssey of the Mind World Finals, but in my mind our theme song is the Wild Goose Chase from HONK! We will be in Boulder for five days. Our team's performance will be on live web cam, but I don't know the details yet. I will try to post while we're there.

The yard is scented with the very first lilac blossoms. Once again I feel like an idiot leaving town when the weather finally turned nice. The cool crops are in the garden and doing nicely. The rest will have to wait for my return.

The Petoskey News Review ran a nice editorial on school funding today. The seeds start to sprout.

While I'm gone I will check the Leland Report to see what I'm missing.

See you later!

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