Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today's news is about the release of Jill Carroll, the journalist kidnapped in Iraq. She is safe, well, and emphasizing that she was well treated by her captives.

Back in January, right after the kidnapping, Riverbend posted a eulogy for Carroll's driver and interpreter, who was killed during the kidnapping.

Today I spent daytime hours at work, where the breakroom TV is usually on Fox or CNN. I'll be surprised if Alan is mentioned, unless Jill herself brings him up.


Whatshername said...

Trying to leave a comment to see if it works for you.

Susan Och said...

Thanks. I'm still researching this.

Douglas Cootey said...

Looks like comments are working, but the html code is only showing a number at the bottom of each post. If I hold my mouse over the number a "2" for example, becomes "2 comments". That's the only hiccup I see.

That's a great illo of chickens. Where did you get it? Do you know the artist's name?

I will try to remember to come back here to find out the answer. Wish me luck! :)

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Susan Och said...

The illustration of the Phoenix breed rooster and hen is from the Murray McMurray catalog. With those great hand painted illustrations, it's no wonder we fall in love with all those interesting chicken breeds.

I added the word "comments" next to the number, so maybe it will make better sense. Funny, though, I have the number displaying at the top, under the title.