Thursday, April 19, 2007

Loons on Lake Leelanau

Last Friday evening Anna and I walked down Popp Road to the lake access. We foolishly forgot the camera, as it was very still at sunset with the sun shining on the eastern shore across the lake. The twigs of trees turn colors when the sap starts to rise. The hills were pink with maples, but the shore was spotted with golden willows.

There was still snow, but it was clearly spring. We saw a pair of Canada geese, a pair of mallards, and a pair of loons. The loons were a treat, since they never stay on Lake Leelanau after people start running boats on the lake.

The next morning , north Lake Leelanau was glazed over with ice again. It actually refroze twice this spring, which is most unusual. I know the loons are still there, because I heard them tonight, as I came in after work, calling from the lake in the distance.

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