Friday, May 11, 2007

Summer Birds

Anna left me a note on the backdoor Wednesday night to tell me she had seen an oriole. Thursday morning, Richard looked out the window by the coffee maker and saw an indigo bunting on the bird feeder. A few hours later I was hanging laundry when a hummingbird came over and hovered a few inches in front of my face. I was on a tight schedule, but I took time to boil up some syrup and fill and hang the hummingbird feeder.

As it turned out, work was slow. It was a beautiful day and when they offered me the option of a day off, I took it. I went home and cleaned the kitchen and made enchiladas for dinner, which inspired Shelagh and Jordan to ditch their plans and eat dinner with us.

By then there were two hummingbirds sparring for places on the feeder. Shelagh and Jordan made a rhubarb cake for dessert and then Shelagh played piano while it baked. I listened while planting in the garden. It was a nice night.

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