Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gum Surgery

I had gum surgery this morning, taking a piece of tissue from the roof of my mouth and using it to shore up the gum line on my lower front where it's always been sparse. It's the sort of thing I'd be tempted to put off, but like most people these days I'm not real secure about my job-dependent health insurance. I decided to get it done while I had dental coverage.

Thinking about it was worse than the reality. It took about 40 minutes, start to finish, and the only pain was from the Novocaine injections. Sometime during the procedural, the doctor was making that one sided small talk and he started telling about his friend in the Coast Guard, stationed "on the Wisconsin-Canada border". I started going "UNHHHH!" because Wisconsin just doesn't have a border with Canada, and then he corrected himself and said "Minnesota". I was hoping his dental geography was better than his Midwest geography, but it was too late to turn back by then.

It's funny to feel sewing going on inside one's mouth. The Novacaine wore off with a curious popping sensation as I drove through Suttons Bay. I'm spending the rest of the day reading and trying to stay warm as the temperature drops into the single digits.

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