Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Weather Report

This is yesterday's depiction of Lake Michigan temperatures, and it explains a lot. Those big blobs of green are surface water in the 40's. They explain why we, so near the lake have not had the sub-zero temperatures that people in the middle of the state have experienced. They also explain why it just keeps snowing, lake effect snow, two or more inches every day. The flakes are very fine lately, but they add up anyway.

Liz, down in Evanston, has that dark blue, 32 degrees water off her beach, which is rapidly turning to ice. She sent me their weather report, 7 below zero this morning with a windchill of minus 27. They have about a foot and a half of snow, more than her roommate has ever seen.

I'm cheering the cold weather, imaging the squash bugs dying in their underground hiding places for the first time in a few years. I'm also looking forward to the lake cooling enough to shut off the lake effect and give us some weeks without constant snow.

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