Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Michigan School Funding News

An editorial about the bill to reform the way school districts buy health insurance for their employees, Chance to Save on School Insurance is posted at M-Live. (I'm not sure if they are talking about Senate Bill 4947, which I talked about last week.)

The Detroit Free Press yesterday outlined some of the issues in the ongoing struggles to balance school districts' budgets.

Ann Arbor Public School's Superintendent outlines his cost cutting concerns. Once again, they are running out of ways make cuts without adversely affecting education.

Across the country, schools are experimenting with selling the naming rights to buildings, athletic fields, or even whole schools. A quote from a spokeswoman from the Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood:
We used to name public buildings for heroes, and we're not doing that anymore, we're naming them after the highest bidder. What kind of message is that sending to kids?

Finally, a rumor of a plan by Michigan House Republicans to boost school funding using a projected $55 million surplus in the school aid fund.

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