Saturday, November 26, 2005

Working the Holiday

We were open Thanksgiving, with a winter storm watch and blizzard warnings. There was nobody in the joint, so we were pulled oof the tables and sent to the office, where I spent a few hours gluing used dice to chains of Christmas lights for our department's Christmas tree. (The dice are lucite and different colors, so when you drill them out and light them, they look quite cool.)

The picture was taken for our tree, where we have the faces of our staff on the faces of a deck of cards.

Driving home was sort of like plowing snow with one's car. The wind had stopped blowing, leaving only thick bands of lake effect snow. There weren't even any tracks to follow for the last mile. The slot attendant who lives two miles past me said it wasn't snowing at all once he got a mile past my house.

The day after Thanksgiving we were busy. Our new Christmas decorations looked nice. The surveillance department's tree had a "Santa is Watching You" theme. It featured hidden cameras that played to video monitors under the tree, but there were also hidden radios, so the staff on duty could listen in and respond to the conversations going on around the tree.

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