Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Winter's First Smack

These November days are short and dark.

Our first snow came suddenly. I went to work in a sweater and when I came out there was four inches of wet snow on everything. Through the next day it got colder and the wind picked up. By Thursday morning trees were breaking all over. This lilac was our kids' only climbing tree for years, but the storm took it down.

These four pines, at the south end of my garden, survived the storm but will come down by spring to make way for new power lines. They have been shading my garden out every late summer, so I hope my gardening will be better, even if the view is worse. Still I wonder why they can't bury the lines. If you look closely you can see the snow-laden branches lying over the wires.

Across French Road from us, a pole broke and was swinging back and forth hanging from the wire.

That line is the path of the new power line, so I'm hoping that the replacement pole they are setting in this picture turns out to be what the new line will look like. Those linemen worked their rear ends off last week, trying to get everyone's power back on. Some friends in Leland were without power for three days. I was afraid this truck would sink into the mud under the snow, but they got the job done and made it back to pavement.

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