Sunday, January 29, 2006

Found, continued

Liz was there when the Record Eagle reporter talked to Ellen. Liz told me that Ellen said he was "nice, but quiet" and "fun to play with." It didn't come out that way in the paper.

We dissected the story at breakfast after church today. Liz said that Ellen never used the words "dark side"; she talked about how they used to play in the creek by their houses and in the basement in the winter. Both Shelagh and Liz thought the line about Dean being "approachable" was ridiculous. Leland is a small school where everyone knows each other and the emphasis on team projects makes the sort of isolation that the reporter was expecting pretty much impossible.

It turns out that Dean did buy a semi-automatic rifle in Traverse City, something he was eligible to do as soon as he turned 18.

He told police he was on his way back to turn himself in. I'm glad of that. Most people only know a few stories, and the "teen goes postal" story almost always ends with a stand-off or a shoot-out.

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