Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I worked about 50 hours this week, ending my work week about 3 am last night. Anna crawled into bed with me this morning chattering about her "revolutions". She hopes to be kinder to animals this year, get her school work done and get better grades.

This is one year of blogging for me. I'm still baking bread and I'm already looking through the seed catalogs and planning my seed starting setup. I'm still driving the '90 Plymouth Horizon, and I've come to enjoy it. The gas tank leak worsened about the same time that gas prices peaked at 3.39. Replacing the tank cost less than $200; now 12 gallons of gas lasts me 2 weeks. Anna is in Odyssey of the Mind again, so far with less drama.

Still to do: update the Michigan school funding series, tell the story of the runaway cows, keep up on the avian flu news, write about the Liz's college application process and the new SAT writing test. There are some other srticles in my "draft" file. I hope to flesh them out and present them.

For now, I'll give you the following "Poem for Peace", written by Bhuwan Thapaliya for A Passion For Peace.

Rules to Live By...

Greet the unhappy face,
with a beautiful smile.

Treat the scorched ears,
with the jingle of rhapsody.

Feed the desiccated heart,
with the fountain of love.

Extinguish the darkness,
with the lamp of perception.

Heal the sore of the wounded,
with the balm of compassion.

Escort the estranged soul,
with the cohort of hope.

Solve the violent problem,
with a non-violent solution.

Bathe the desert of malice,
with the dew of harmony.

Chop the branches of woe
with the sickle of laughter.

Enshroud the smoggy mind,
with the luminous rays of humanity.

Demolish the mansion of falsehood,
with the bull-dozer of truth.

Add meaning to your life,
by subtracting the egos one by one.

Paint the canvas of your dreams,
with the blood of your sweat
for you are
the Picasso of your own life.

Copyright 2005 Bhuwan Thapaliya

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