Sunday, January 22, 2006

One Fish At Daybreak

A year ago, I wrote about Richard being short of carpentry jobs and spending his time fishing. A year later, life looks almost exactly the same except that construction is even slower and the temperature at daybreak today was 25 degrees instead of 4 below.

He caught one fish today, a nice walleye as soon as he got set up. The ice is about 5 inches thick, good enough for one guy on foot. He has been pretty much alone out there all week, but yesterday he found 40 cars in the parking lot of the boat landing. Sure enough, someone had to get out their snowmobile and run it around on the ice. That's when you hope they stay far away from your holes; if they want to gamble on thin ice, whatever, just don't take anyone else down with you!

The fishing has been good. Richard jokes that he catches fish every time he uses this goofy vanilla scented handcream that one of the teenagers abandoned in our bathroom. Whatever works, I guess.

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