Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Bread Blog

A lot of successful blogs are about just one topic. The authors write about their one favorite topic and their readers keep coming back, knowing what to expect. I've never been able to settle down to thinking about just one thing, or even one thing at a time. The connections and resonances between topics are what fascinates me.

I've started using "Topics" posts to categorize my entries and make it easier to find everything about, say, baking or chickens. But even my individual posts weave family lore in with recipes.

One of the features of my Sitemeter is that I can see how people got to this blog -- what they were looking for when they stumbled in. Since a large number of people came here looking for bread baking advice, I decided to launch a new blog, Home Baked Bread.

The writing will be, at first, largely lifted from what I've already written in this blog. I have chosen a new and somewhat spare template that I am modifying. Anna and I built the header a few nights ago; I knew how to post the picture but she is much more adept at manipulating images in MS Paint.

Anna is currently working on a Power Point show that features her Polly Pocket dolls starring as our family in an adventure story. It is illustrated with photos that she is taking of the dolls in various places and situations around the house. I'm the one with the blue face. She wants me to post it on this blog when she gets done, so I'll have to figure out a way to do that. Check out the new blog in the meantime.

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